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Our Goal

We have a very clear goal - To improve the life of 10 000 000 people before 2024.

That's what it's all about. Want to join the movement?

About Us

CoachBox is a sales and marketing automation platform that allows businesses to generate more sales, and automate a large part of their business.

We offer over 40 different online tools like CRM, Funnel Builder, Email automation, SMS marketing, Calendars, and Payments. All in one place.

We also offer a full suite of marketing services to our clients, from ads to social media management, content creation web design, graphic design, and much much more.

Our purpose is to help businesses grow at higher speeds so they can help and serve their communities in a better and more impactful way!

About the Position

As we grow, the need to connect with and serve more clients increases. Therefore we now need to expand our team.

In this position, you will be required to connect with, promote and enroll people into our different services. You can choose how you want to work, the hours, and what methods to use. BUT we expect you to want to earn at least $10 000 per month and therefore work towards that minimum goal.

We will provide you with all the training, software, coaching, support, and tech needed to work and be efficient.

We offer sales training and certifications custom-made by our training provider Grant Cardone Technology and his team.

Who we believe you are

To fit in with us we believe you are a creator, someone who takes responsibility for their results and actions and that are willing to grow and learn. People with 'victim mindsets' are NOT a good fit.

You are fluent in English, both spoken and written, and are used to working unsupervised.

You have a deep and strong desire to change the world and make it a better place, therefore caring about others is important to you.

You recognize that working together is a journey and that we will grow together, and that you will greatly impact the direction of our business.

Meaning that we want and appreciate you not just as someone working with us but as a valued team member.

We offer shares in the company for key personnel.

This is our promise to you.


Reach out and tell us why you think you fit in our team!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Are You The One We Are Looking For?

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Our Company Manifesto

We believe in growth

No job, position, or situation should stand in the way of your personal growth. We should evolve as humans and that makes us better and more resourceful. We help our people grow and become even better than they already are. When you feel that your journey needs to take you to a new place, we support you and help you in every way possible. And we take pride in the time we spent together!

Life is about fulfillment and purpose

Every week you get to spend 4 hours of work time on your personal project or passion. We will help you achieve your goals and help you achieve your purpose.

We care about everyone

We are all one. That means when someone is having a tough time, we take care of them. Since we spend most of our time working, we need to connect to each other and care. No one is left without support. When you need a helping hand, we will be there. Personal or private, it does not matter.

This also applies to the community and the world. We spend a percentage of our profits to help the world in becoming a better place.

We are not a Swedish company; we are an earth company

Nations are just a form of arranging things. People are the real deal. And no matter where you are from or where we work, it is not about the country. We strive to give people a better tomorrow in every way possible. Togetherness is a strength. And we strive to be the strongest business on this planet!

Freedom to live your life

We know people have different routines and habits, that is why you don’t need to work fixed times. You set your own schedule based on your life. All we ask is that you make time to communicate, get the job done and that you honor your colleague different life patterns.

Work and vacation

We don’t expect to control your life 24/7. But we need to make deadlines and achieve our results and goals. But you decide when and how you work and take your vacation. All we expect in return is that you don’t leave your colleagues in trouble before you leave. We expect you to spend at least six (6) weeks not working every year. Future vacation homes and boats that are part of our recreational department are available to all employees, based on availability.

We believe in happiness

Don’t get us wrong, we’re a disciplined, well-oiled engine of growth, and days in the office can be intense. But we believe that business should be fun, and you should look forward to going to work each day. We create an environment that is designed to make your work, your projects, and even company meetings, a ton of fun. Happiness is woven into everything we do.

You get paid based on value, not for your time

We don’t believe in paying for your hours. That is not why you are here. We believe that you should get paid based on what value you bring to the table. That’s why all our employees are paid that way. That means if you spend ten hours achieving an awesome result, you get the same pay as if you spent one hour on the same result. Prioritizing, being efficient, and delivering results are way more important than spending time working.